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My Sister My Seed

Of all sex trafficking victims across the United States, 70% are African American young women and girls.  This statistic is astonishing considering African American women and girls make up 13% of the entire US  population. Sex Trafficking is a 9 billion dollar criminal enterprise that is built on the backs of black and brown young women and girls (

Sex Trafficking is a cause that is important to me as a young girl.
I was excited to discover My Sister My Seed was doing such great work for the cause.  Through education and awareness, self-empowerment, advocacy, and restorative programs, My Sister My Seed is committed to the fight to eradicate sex trafficking and its effect on the lives of young women and girls.

To show your support you can purchase a Self Love = Power
t-shirt by selecting the donate button below. All proceeds go to My Sister My Seed to combat human trafficking in our communities.

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